Akane Sano

Assistant Professor

Post-doc Researchers

Graduate Students

Han Yu

PhD Student

Bishal Lamichhane

PhD Student

Alicia Choto Segovia

PhD Student

Zach King

PhD Student

Maryam Khalid

PhD Student

Khadija Zanna

PhD Student

Undergraduate Students

Yufei Shen


Weili Fan


Kai Hung


Miles Sigel

CS/Cognitive Science

Anthony Torns


Gia Braddock


German Gonzalez


Jason Mullen



Kusha Sridhar


(Next: PlayStation)

Marzieh Majd


Boning Li

Rice ECE MS '21

Cheng Wan

Rice ECE MS '21

Luis Hector Victor

Rice Applied Physics

Yu Wu

Rice MECE '21

Ethan Lyon

Rice MECE '21

Jinlu Liu

MCS Student

Shreyah Mohanselvan

Rice CS

Sanjanaa Shanmugam

Rice CS

Yerin Han

Rice STAT '20

(next: CMU Data Science Master)

Sophia Huang

Rice STAT '21

(next: MIT Master of Finance)

Mateo Martinez

Rice CS

Yidi Wang

Rice CS

Zach Moxley

Rice ECE '21

Joanne Zhou

Rice STAT '21

(next: Stanford Data Science Master)

Winnie Li

Rice CS

Fadeel Sher Khan

Rice BioE

Xiru Huang

Rice CS PhD

Mei Fukuda

Tokyo Institute of Technology

Thomas Vaessen PhD

Post-doc at KU Leuven

(next: assistant professor at University of Twente)

Takuma Sakaki

Master from Univ. of Tokyo

If you are interested in joining our group,

[Prospective Students] Please check admission websites at Rice ECE or CS depending on your background and include Prof. Sano's name and your interest in your research statement.

[Rice undergrad/grad Students] Please email Prof. Sano with your interest and resume. We prefer students who can work for multiple semesters.

[Post-docs] Please email Prof. Sano with your interest and CV.

Rice has a postdoc fellowship program for highly competitive applicants which offer substantial independence.

The Rice Academy of Fellows provides a $60,000 salary for 2 years for a cohort of postdoctoral scholars in departments across campus. Applications are due the beginning of January every year.