Health Engineering seminars

December 3, 2020: Constructing a Human Digital Twin (Webinar)

Prof. Diane Cook (Washington State University)

October 8, 2020: Smartphone-based digitalization of a traditional psychotherapy method (Webinar)

Dr. Darius Adam Rohani (Copenhagen Center for Healthcare Technology, Technical University of Denmark)

September 22 , 2020: Wearable Health Monitoring in the Real-World: Toward Robust Sensing and Modeling of Human Behavior and Physiology (Webinar)

Dr. Ridwan Alam (Research Laboratory of Electronics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

August 6, 2020 : Audio and wearable data for health diagnostics (Webinar)

Prof. Cecilia Mascolo (University of Cambridge, Department of Computer Science and Technology)

July 1, 2020: Mobile and wearable technology for computational wellbeing (Webinar)

Prof. David Kotz (Dartmouth College, Department of Computer Science)